Wednesday, 26 April 2017

“SMG Artistes” 7figure Speaks About His Coming Single “Elevate” @7figure_smg

Well, There is this particular thing that people don’t know about me, my BELIEVING SIDE. even when i’m to find my self in the mist of impossibilities sometimes, Thinking out of the brain box I believe that impossibilities in one way ends up with possibilities at the end.

As for “Elevate” I CAN’T REALLY SAY MUCH ABOUT IT NOW YET, i can only say by ,Inspirations, Motivation, and Orientation things i see around me, what people see around them from each angles, what they believe in that brings about progress.

I think , there is a big reason for someone to ELEVATE in life!!! To everyone who believe this Brand *SMG* 7FIGURES YungFela movement. A Final Year student of LE CITOYEN UNIVERSITY republic of Benin….

Elevate is about to change the Story for GOOD. Keep reaching [email protected] & Dreshgrafix.66865628 

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