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The College of Sexual Malpractice- Article by Aderotimi Seun Joseph

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Text: Mathew 7:6, 1Corinthians 9:27.

When a standard is breached, then malpractice set in. God has a standard and rules for everything He created including sex (Hebrews 13:4). Of all the colleges of destruction the devil is financing in this last days, one of the most destructive of them all is the "College of Sexual Malpractice".
By this I do pretend to discover something new but to expose to us some tragic consequences of being a part-time and full-time student of this dangerous spiritual institution. It is a terrible matter when a generation like ours continue to lost many colorful destinies, talents, gifts and abilities to this destructive school. When someone is already drown in the murky waters of immorality, bombarded with the storms of iniquities and the pastor is saying to him/her "the devil is under your feet", "go and make it". To me, that is a hell magnetizing message and soft drink sermon.

This is not the type of message such individual needs at that particular time. The preacher is only increasing their speed to the cemetery. Am talking about regular church goers who have been trapped in this dangerous spiritual school. A man or woman will become a lawful captive of the devil when he/she cannot guide the doorways to their destiny (when you fornicate or indulge in any sexual sin). I feel mournful and I wept often, whenever I see young men and women with great potential loitering around the college of sexual malpractice. Sexual immorality is an evil the world is facing today.

The tragedy of it that, it is the church of God that is lagging behind in eradicating these endemic disease that has eaten deep into peoples lives. Let's open our Bible to proverbs 6:26, " For by means of a harlot a man is reduced to a piece of bread: and the adulteresses will prey upon his life". No matter how colorful your destiny may look, just a semester in the college of sexual malpractice is enough to render that destiny impotent. Sex can wangle and sap your spiritual potential. The Bible says, it can reduce a man to a piece of bread. It can turn a champion into a crawler.

The Genesis of this tragedy Some started their studies in this dangerous school when there were still teenagers. And some it was because marriage was not in sight, so they decided to enrol so that the courses offered in this school can help to keep their body warm. Others bought the form immediately they got admission into the University. I know of many whom their friends in the neighborhood and places of work took them to the provost of this tragic school for admission.

This is a serious matter! A Mystery you must know.. Do you know that anytime you foolishly allow a man or woman who is not your lawful partner access to the gateway of your destiny (private part), you have already lost your "license to detect the pace of your destiny".

The devil knows that we believers have been endowed with great potentials and he seeks to steal these spiritual resources from us. One of the sophisticated weapons he uses is by advertising the admission forms for enrollment into the "College of Sexual malpractice". The irony is this, we have more of those who claim to be church goers languishing in the four walks of this dangerous spiritual institution.

Courses Offered in the College of include the following, prostitution, homosexualism, seduction, pornogrphy, fornication, adultery, beastiality (having sex with animals), and masturbation. If you still indulge in any of the aforementioned, you are a student in the school of sexual malpractice. There is no difference between a fornicator and a masturbator, they are both students in the "College of Sexual malpractice".

There is a divine mathematics in sexual sin. What you are saying is that? What I have, I give to you and what you have, you give to me. You are transferring your potential to whoever you are fornicating with and who knows you might be acquiring his/her demons if that person is a child of the devil.

No wonder a deliverance minister once wrote "it is even easier to deliver a witch than a fornicator". The damage it has done Illicit sex has destroyed many nations and kingdoms; it has slowed down the progress of many young men and women. It has reduced champions to crawlers; it has turned prince and princess to slave.

The tragedy of sexual malpractice has no respect for age, size, wealth, beauty, handsomeness and position; anointing or longevity in the house of God. It has destroyed pastors before. It has sentence presidents and well respected figures in the house of God and the society to their untimely grave, simply because they willingly or ignorantly enrolled in this destructive college. Men and women who would have been agents and ambassadors of change in our churches and societies have become wounded students in this destructive school.
In conclusion, let's read Mathew 7:6, " Give not that which is holy unto dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn to tear you". Sister Dinah casted her pearl before the heathen and her destiny was trample upon.

She willingly drag herself to that tragic school. Nobody heard anything about her after that unfortunate incident (Genesis 34). If your destiny and future mean something to you, you won't go about looking for admission in the college of sexual malpractice. Any Christian who desire to be a flyer in life must be discipline. The offer may look pleasing and irresistible. Don't buy the form! Don't even fill the form even if any ungodly friend pick up one for you free of charge. Don't sell your dignity on the bed of immorality.

Those who are already studying in this citadel of learning, I want to offer you an escape route. Accept the message of salvation today and enrol in citadel of discipline. Now is the time to use your strength for kingdom service. On a final note beloved, whoever is becoming a sex trap around you, either at home or work, if it is in your power, expel them from your life.

If they are too persistent in their illicit approach, report them to the Almighty and He will send the FBI of heaven to chase them out of your life. People may say you are not social; don't allow that to get into your head. The books, films, magazine you feed on must be properly screened because they can make you a blind student in the school of sexual malpractice. See you at the top!

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