Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Genesis By tWIF Clothing

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After months of gruelling work from the CEO/Creative Director of tWIF Clothing & strategic consultations from the office of communications/strategy, Aibex Consult is proud to present the first official collection of tWIF Clothing - The Genesis by tWIF.

The brilliance of the CEO/Creative Director of tWIF Clothing cannot be overemphasized. As an Economics graduate from Babcock University, he understands that resources are scarce and customers want to maximize utility satisfaction) from such scarce resources. Over the years, this understanding has made him produce classy yet affordable fashion merchandise. The excellence tWIF Clothing typifies was recently recognized by an American man who showed great interest in purchasing a tWIF-made suit. In the nearest future,we intend to meet such demands. Without doubt, this fashion line is top-notch, cost effective and worth every penny.

A purchase of a tWIF merchandise means you support an entrepreneur that understands that a good look translates to a satisfactory feeling - customer service. This is the genesis of a revolution by Aibex Consult to raise successes in businesses and ensure young entrepreneurs thrive in a stifling business environment. A purchase of tWIF Clothing means you support this vision of Aibex Consult.

All collections are on his site and he can be reached at [email protected], IG : @twif_clothing or +2348137916806. Aibex Consult intends to keep a record of every pioneer stakeholder of this revolution to raise successes in businesses,hence, when you place an order via our marketing platform,please notify Aibex Consult via a direct message on our official page,[email protected]

or [email protected] You can also forward your order confirmation mail to any of the two(2) email addresses listed above. Again, this is the Genesis by tWIF Clothing as presented by Aibex Consult.


Chief Strategist/Communications Director
Office of Communications/Strategy
Aibex Consult.

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