Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Thug of war: See what happen to the land full of blood

The writer of this fantastic poem believes there is more to life than war, he admonished the individuals to stop the fight and embrace love, peace and unity. Read his piece below....

It's a beautiful world but the beauty is stained with the blood of the innocent, Babies without parents, wives made widows, husbands made widowers and the some families left childless over the thug of war, the dead cries for revenge, the living are been terrified of the future, the world shivers, the earth shakes, the inhabitants trembles over the lost beauty so they quiver over lost dreams, dead hopes and burried vision! 

This is the thug of war,
Prepare your ammunitions,
Prepare your guns,
Prepare your  cannons,
Prepare your bombs,atomic and nuclear because we're about to lunch earth into a disaster ground, we're about to let the people dwell in the shadows of agony and bad memories of tragedy,

But pulling all this Arsenal won't save you neither because out here you either kill or get killed, the bullet doesn't know who's good or bad, the bomb doesn't know the rich or the poor, all it does is what it's sent to do, so this battle field knows more wrong than right, you either kill with the sword or get killed by the sword,

But i've thought about it and I understood that:
With all this Crisis,
With all this Chaos,
With all this Anarchy,
With all this Battle,
With all this War,
We're all lost people who don't know where they're heading to?
We're all strangers who joined one group or the other to survive the cruelty of this world!
We're all wanderers who believe in fighting for our right!

But war is never the solution!
So here I stand!
Would you stand with me? 
here I say "let's all stand as one"
Lets stand for the world Love, Peace and Unity,
Let's all unite as one and be at peace with ourselves!
We're one big family,
Let's stop the killing,
Let's stop the war,
Let's stop the battle
It's time to embrace each other and live as one big but happy family!
Let's treat each other with love and kindness, 
Let's accept each other with open arms and help each other stand!
Let's say no to war!
Let's say no to hatred!
Let's say no to racism!
Let's say no to tribalism!

Let's say no to religious war!
Let's say no to nationalism!
Black or white,
Rich or Poor,
Fat or in shape,
Good or bad,
Let's all change for the best!
Love. Peace. And unity is the key to a future without bloodshed! 
Let's build a war free nation!

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  1. That's my hommie,and hr hit the nail on the head...