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"Yoruba film director, Abbey Lanre shaped our acting skills for good" – actor Yomi Fabiyi

Top nollywood yoruba actor, Yomi Fabiyi appreciates the good work of one of the ace director, Abbey Lanre on April 1st, 2017. Read his piece below...

 Their are multiple generations of actors in this industry that must give credit to Abbey Lanre. He shaped our acting skills for good.

In the beginning, he knew me with Baba Suwe and at first was very reluctant about my coming to Odunfa Caucus. He is a disciplinarian and very blunt. In my opinion, he later concluded I must have been driven by just one thing, passion for the job, he toned down on his resentment of me but before he could, it had affected my overall confidence as an aspiring actor couple to the fact he is a NO-nonsense director. 

One day, I was on set with Dele Odule and he was directing in Alagomeji and I missed my lines, he yelled at me. In all honesty he was trying to correct me but I wasn't seeing it that way, I was moved to explode, a reaction I sincerely regret till date. No actor who wants to grow or learn must do that to a director. I said sir "your approach is killing my self esteem and it won't make me deliver". To my surprise, Abbey Lanre didn't use his power to replace me. He waited and simply said "ore e ni(he is sick), all I know is you can do it, be disciplined, and give me the way I want it, that way you can grow". I was remorseful and had to find my mojo. I noticed from that moment his approach changed towards me on every other set and I was developing. 

Months after, I was pencilled for a role. And the producer came to me & said when he mentioned my name to him, he said he can do it! Meanwhile I never thought I can interpret the role, so I was expecting his no. MIRACULOUS MOTIVATION.

We got to the set in Jobi Hospital. I was delivering my lines with movements. Lo & behold, Taiwo Akinwande (Yetunde Wunmi) did something special. She cut the director and said "Director I am sorry sir, don't you notice Lukmon has improved in acting, I am moved by his delivery ni sir and I can't but stop to commend him". Abbey Lanre answered "You will know those meant for this industry, they will endure a lot to improve, keep it up". He directed my 1st movie OMI ADAGUN in 2005. Abbey Lanre sir, you are a genius and the boss and I celebrate you today sir. Your children shall always see helpers. I love you and thanks for developing me. Yomi Fabiyi

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