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'All marketers are not trustworthy except Epsalum films production'- Nollywood actor Akeem Jimoh

In this powerful and exiting interview with DMB, Nollywood actor, Akeem Jimoh talks about his relationship with late actor and film producer Yomi Ogunmola, some challenges he has to face in the hands of Marketers and more except....

1. Can you tell us more about your background?

My name is Akeem Jimoh, born and brought up in Ojuirin Ikeja area in Lagos State. I attended Anifowose Primary School but left due to some reasons and gained another entry into Oke Odo primary school and Oke Odo High School where i graduated from in 1991.

Born a Muslim too.

2. When did you start acting

I started my acting career in 1993 under the leadership of late Yomi Ogunmola.

3. Are you married?

Yes, with two beautiful kids.

4. What would you say is your greatest achievement in your career?

Well, to say I have gained alot is an understatement, I just thank God for what he has been doing so far, having great fans and family is priceless. This acting has helped me shape my life in a positive way that I can't imagine, and meeting important personels is beyond my imagination. Thank God.

5. What is your greatest challenge in this career?

That's a very powerful question my brother. You see, the current situation or problems actors and actresses are facing right now is the issue of marketers. Some of them would tell you plain black that you can only get your money at the end of the month or after the films have been sold. The only marketer that's reliable and doesn't disappoints is Epsalum.

Everybody's dream is to make profit in whatsoever they do but some of these marketers don't understand that and that's a huge challenge to Nollywood actors and actresses.

6. What were the challenges you faced when you started this career and how did you overcome it?

Challenges from acceptance and courage to stand for your dream as most male are redirected to any field by their bosses. (Oju ti ri gan oo) I have seen a lot but thank God! And God bless my late boss, Yomi Ogunmola. He was the only boss that doesn't look down on any one, until his death, he remain a boss of all bosses. After his death, all the people that worked with him deserted us but his sister, Peju Ogunmola stood by us. She is a mother among mothers, God bless her for me.
7. Do you have any other source of income apart from this acting?

Definitely, One must have another source of income to keep the family running. Well, I do sell wine too.

8. Can some one really fly on this career without mixing it with other jobs?

It depends on the stage the artist is. people like Peju Ogunmola and Adebayo Tijani doesn't other job apart from this acting and they are all living good.

9. Where do you get your inspirations from when writing stories?

From things around me and also get inspired from Late Yomi Ogunmola and The director of Jenifa, Muyideen Easily.

10. What project are you currently working on?

Luku Eleja. 

11. Who and who habe you worked with?

Alot of people, but i will still say people i enjoyed working with are late Yomi Ogunmola and Muyindee Sasilu, the director of Jenifa.

12. How do you relax?

Going out with family, you know, there is no better way to relax than having your family with you.

16. What message do you have for the upcoming actors and actresses?

I want them to know that, without God, nothing can be done. They shouldn't relent in whatever they do.

I also want to seize this opportunity to thank some people especially Alhaji Wasiu Abiodun Dickson, for believing in me even though we are not related, I could remember the first time he called me from United States, 'he said I love what you do and I think you should be rewarded for this'. Then, in December, I saw a bag full of clothes and he said, this is for you. I was very happy.

Peju Ogunmola too also did wonder in my life, he accommodated me even though she is not my mother, I can say categorically that she was the only person that stood by me when my boss died, Yomi Ogunmola. Special thanks to her.

Epsalum films production, I say a big thank you to you too. And also Funke Akindele, Kemi Korede, Bimbo Oshin, Ago Adesanya, Aremo Oriola, also to my special mother, Ajike Jimoh

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