Friday, 5 May 2017

C-town Celebrity Face Of The Week 4 (Winner 2)

It’s been a blessed week so far with good news flying around, Banky W getting engaged to the love of his life Adesua. As our mores, we are here with another episode of C-town celebrity face of the week, which is strictly to celebrate those who have calved a niche for themselves in the labour market in Benin Republic.

And this special week we have two incredible entrepreneurs who have taken the bull by the horn and soar to the top, they are gorillas in the labour market.

Follow me as I unveil the second winner for this week.

Winner 2 – Zibigha Inebiseimokumo Victoria (Galaxy Queen)

Galaxy Queen is a student and a dancer, the CEO of Galax Kwin Entertainment.

In a chat with HitzFrom9ja she made these few points known.

Your name in full?

“Zibigha Inebiseimokumo Victoria”

Most people know you as Galaxy Queen, how did you come up with Galaxy Queen?

“Actually the original name is Galax Kwin. It was given to me by my class mates in my secondary school days.. because I was obsessed with the hair style ‘galax’ that’s how people started addressing me as galax Kwin”

Tell us little about Galax Kwin, about yourself

” About myself as Galax Kwin.
I hail from bayelsa state Nigeria.. from a family of 5, 2 gals 3 boys am the third born. 99%social… when on stage I can be crazy and naughty… shy most times.. ready to sacrifice… always smiling.”

Life, they say is like a walking shadow, do you believe in good reward for good, and bad for reward for bad? (Karma)

“I believe in karma 85% cause I really can’t reward evil to evil.. the only person I never forgive till I pay back is my BF.”

At the on going Erudite award you have been nominated for Most Social and Revolution of the Year. What’s your take on this? Do you think you have what it takes to win?

“I will say yes and No. Yes in the sense that if they were to just give based on our true self I so much deserve it.. No in the sense that am not a gal that people love.. people get intimidated by for that who will want to vote for me.. am not good in anything competition.”

Aside study in Benin Republic, do you have other things you do to keep yourself busy?

“Yea. I own Galax Kwin Ent”

What words of encouragement do you have for those who cherish Galaxy Queen and everyone who reads this?

Thank you to all that have supported galaxy kwin and still supporting. Just believe in yourself.. be yourself. Be real with those around you. Cause you never know where your help will come from and please for those that gossip Galaxy kwin continue doing your works. It makes me more popular above all fear God put him first in all you do.”

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