Thursday, 4 May 2017

Education and the tales of the Benue people- An article by Eberenna Joel Chinagorom

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I want to start by saying wow unto a Society where it's young ones cannot confidently and comfortably learn in a conducive environment without fear of strikes, unnecessary breaks and a good atmosphere for learning.

A Child in a Higher Institution of learning is retarded as a blooming pod who would beautify it's environment once it finishes blooming but is that the case with the Benue child? For years we have been managing what we see, after all what we see is what we get. But who said we can't choose what to see, so that we can actually get what we choose?
When it comes to Education in Benue, there are certain factors that one has to underscore for re-evaluation if Education is to be praised in Benue.

First is the issue of infrastructure : the Benue child does not know what it feels like to sit on a seat in a convenient and well ventilated building in the name of receiving lectures; what we see is a cluster of heads sweating as though they had a fight with a mega demon, and this phenomenon stifles the learning process.

Remuneration : it is not enough to pay Lecturers and Teachers their salary. There are other benefits which when given makes the teachers want to teach more, it gives the teachers a reason to love his students, evaluate them individually and even offer guidance and counseling where necessary and this would increase the quality of education anywhere by 80% ,but it has never been heard or in Benue State.

Conditions of service: The poor conditions of service makes the whole process difficult. There is always a problem in laboratories, production studios and other logistics. Isn't it painful that a science student would carry out a practical and get a different result because the chemicals are expired? Isn't it worthy or rebuffing that students have to fund practicals themselves? Isn't it news that students cannot carry out productions because of certain difficulties ranging from electricity to absence of technicians and machines, and even down to lackadaisical attitude from lecturers and non support from the school council.

Laziness among students : There is this notion that says "competition ends in secondary school". Allow me to say "wow unto any student who thinks so!". So because there isn't a first position in the University, does that create leverage for laziness and unwillingness to work because after all everyone would still graduate? As a university student, getting a degree isn't an achievement because it is bound to happen! It becomes an achievement when the State, the Council honors that degree because it is very good.

 Many students instead of being active in school work have become passive lurkers of the University, passing through the school with the sole aim of obtaining a degree.

These factors combined makes it impossible to improve education. And I hope that WHOEVER WE ARE, WHEREVER WE ARE AND IN WHATEVER WAY WE CAN , WE CAN RECOUPLE OURSELVES AS A STATE TOWARDS EDUCATION!!!!"

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