Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The best religion every man should have is "CONSCIENCE and COMMON SENSE"- Ace Actor Yomi Fabiyi

Read his piece below...

Please, what is the role of your religion in your life, when all you vividly do is ENVY & EVIL, espcially in secret. What is so special about your religion when you hate others and pull them down with your tongue or with your actions?

The best religion every man should have is "CONSCIENCE and COMMON SENSE". How can you claim you are a traditionalist and all you do is plan evil to hurt. Ifa don't even preach evil, its only work like a kinectic energy to reveal. You are a christian but you are a phone call away to damage someone just because you notice him/her or name in a place or with someone who could help or elevate. You are Evil,that is your religion.

I must add that the ability to hurt anyone can be found with a Pastor(Bible), Alfa(Quaran/Tira) and Traditionalist(Voodoo) and any of these do evil. Not all Pastors, Alfas or Traditionalists have forgiven spirit or self control not to go beyond the positive powers they have to achieve their aims. "Religion is just your vehicle to worship and access God ONLY". God judges the inside, only God has the superficial xray that sees our true person. He wont even judge you by your religion.

I don't care which religion you engage in, if your have conscience and very humane, you are obeying God and that is the koko.

People of old make sacrifices to God and he accepts. Jesus came and some stopped and used another route. But the God that recieves such sacrifices those days has not changed I guess. 
Fear God, have a plain mind, deal with people with love, respect and decency. Wish others well, with that you have the right religion. Abraham was not a christian or a muslim. It was learnt "his ways pleases God and it was counted for righteousness for him". YOU ARE NOT A SAINT OR BETTER BECAUSE YOU DO A PARTICULAR RELIGION. Fa Fa Fa foul!

Do NOT condemn any religion, condemn EVIL anywhere you find it. DO NOT ALLOW RELIGION TO DIVIDE THE PEOPLE. God is not unwise to still allow all to still exist. 

CHOOSE A RELIGION THAT BEST SUITE YOU AND CAN AID YOUR ENDEAVOUR & WORSHIP. Give unto Ceasar what belong to him(Common Sense). He who is without sin cast the 1st stone(Conscience). 

Love For All. Yomi Fabiyi

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