Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Photos: Check Out the Two Adorable Puppies that Stole Shine at Yaw’s ‘Apere’

Yaw recorded a rare feat on Sunday May 28th, 2017 starring two adorable dogs in his well-received stage play ‘Apere’ which went down at EKO Hotels Convention Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

During one of the play’s hilarious scenes, a parody of Oge Okoye’s social media shenanigan was re-enacted by an actress who portrayed the Nollywood star, strutting on stage with two adorable dogs that presumably appear to be the exotic and expensive Kugsha breeds.

The actress perceptibly show off the dogs to the audience, claiming the dogs were just flown into the country spectacularly for her. However, during the character’s antics, the actual owner of the dogs ascends the stage to confront her, exclaiming the dogs do not belong to her. The statement appeared to be true as the dogs seemingly wagged their tails excitedly at the sight of their owner, who led them off the stage, leaving the perpetrator feeling incredibly embarrassed.

Yaw and Sound Sultan’s characters went ahead to mock the “dog thief”, instantly causing the audience to let out a long wild roar of laughter. More pictures below.....

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