Saturday, 6 May 2017

"When you know someone and you love them, their 'No' becomes a challenge"- Jimi Tewe

Read his piece below.....

I am just someone given to learning from God's word and others on how to make marriage and relationships work. @lolatewe and I have been at it for 11 years and it seems we have learnt a few things.. The response to my post yesterday on the #Friendzone aspect of the engagement of @Bankywellington and @Adesuaetomi made me realise that its important to share whatever truth you can in ways that will help others. Of course, circumstances differ (and so we have
to be careful with application) but principles remain the same. Your marriage is more likely to last when you are in it with someone who truly values your companionship (friend). Something else I observed is that he stayed resolute on his decision to marry her even though he had to wait for 18 months or so. For a fine man, that could be a struggle.

I once counselled a young guy who was complaining that a lady told him he wasn't a serious person. When I dug deeper, I found out he had asked five ladies out (at different times) in a period of 6 months. I immediately told him that he didn't really love any of them.

When you know someone and you love them, their 'No' becomes a challenge and not a rejection. One of the elements of successful marriages is commitment and this will usually be tested before your significant other will say 'Yes'. You can't claim to love me this week and not love me next week because of one rejection (or even ten). (By the way, ladies, when a guy truly loves you, after a while of consistent neglect, he can actually move on. My wife told me 'No' twice and at a point I told her to seriously consider her stance. She changed it 😊) So, what am I saying? If you truly love someone, it will show in your actions and one of the greatest actions that shows true love is commitment. Giving your friendship time provides an opportunity to validate commitment too.

So.. I know people have been sliding into DM's since yesterday... But is he/she committed to you? 
I'm not a relationship expert o.. I'm just sharing my thoughts. 😁

Enjoy your day.

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