Friday, 9 June 2017

Fake Interior Minister defrauds village head of N1m

Operatives of the Inspector- General of Police (IG) Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT) have arrested Prince Momoh Enema for using the name of the Minister of Interior, General Abdulraman Dambazau (rtd), to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians

Enema (40) was arrested after he and members of his syndicate pretended to be Dambazau, his Chief of Staff and his Personal Assistant (PA). The syndicate defrauded the Seriki of Gwandabawa, Sokoto of N1 million and again attempted to scoop $10,000. The leader of the syndicate, who is currently on the run, has been identified as Dr. Usman.

A police source said: “In April 2017, Usman contacted the Seriki, and introduced himself as General Abdulraman Dambazau, Minister of Interior.

He told the Seriki that President Muhammdu Buhari had decided to reward the Seriki and his people for their support during the 2015 elections.

The reward would be employment for 20 people from Gwadanbawa into the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and the Nigerian Customs Service.” Usman instructed the Seriki to forward names and curriculum vitae of the 20 persons. He also insisted that a sum of N45,000 should be paid on each applicant.

He said the money was for training kits. Seriki sent N1 million and a date was given, which the applicants would commence training.

Some days later, the minister told the Seriki that the Ministry of Interior was about to issue contract for the supply of equipment to the NPF, Customs Service and other paramilitaries under the ministry.

The contract was pegged at N3billion. Usman asked the Seriki to send him his company’s profile and $10,000 to his bogus Personnel Assistant to ensure he got the contract.

This latest demand caused the Seriki to suspect foul play. He contacted a Federal House of Representative member, representing his constituency, Hon. Abdulahi Balarabe Salame.

He urged Salame to find out from General Dambazau, if he was giving out any contract

The information he got made the Seriki to realize he had been dealing with fraudsters. Salame urged him to play along with the fraudsters.

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famousblogngThe information he got made the Seriki to realize he had been dealing with fraudsters. Salame urged him to play along with the fraudsters.

The Seriki called Usman and told him that he was ready to pay the $10,000 for the contract. Usman promised to send his PA to collect the money.

The said PA turned out to be Enema, who was grabbed by IRT operatives when he came to collect the money. Enema denied being a member of the syndicate.

He explained that he met Usman at the Millennium Development Goal, (MDG’s) office, located at Presidential Villa, Abuja, during a contract biding section in 2014.

Enema, father of two, introduced himself as the leader of Igala Young Empowerment Initiative.

Enema said: “When I met Usman, he told me he usually gets contracts from the Federal Government.

He said that contracts he couldn’t execute would be sold to other people. I reside in Abuja with my family and I have a farm in Nassarawa State.

I didn’t know that he was a fraudster until I was arrested. He used to send me on errand after which he would give me money.” He explained that on the day he was arrested, Usman called and asked him to meet him at Area 11, Abuja.

They drove to a Total Filling Station, close to Police Force Headquarters, where Usman asked to go into the station, that he would meet someone who would give him a parcel.

Enema said: “When I entered the filling station, I saw a big man; he asked if I was the PA to the minister. I said yes.

I was arrested there by the police. Usman drove out of the place immediately he noticed that I was.” Enema said that he has told police that he wasn’t aware that Usman was a fraudster, but nobody believed him. Enema was taken to the real General Dambazua, who urged him to assist police in arresting Usman

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