Saturday, 17 June 2017

I didn’t know he was into crime, Have mercy on us, Evans wife, Uchenna begs Nigerians

The billionaire kidnapper kingpin Evan's wife has been contacted and she has this to say....Read her long interview with Vanguard below ....

My name is Uchenna Precious Onwuamadike, the wife of the who you call Evans. I am 31 years old. I got married to Evans at the age of 17 at Oraifite, Anambra state in 2004. He met me while I was coming back from lesson as a student of All Saints Secondary School, Oraifite and I was in class 6 going to take my West African Examination. After we met, I agreed to go with him because of my poor background. He told me his father married three wives when he was six years old and threw his mother out of his house. .

He said that one of the wives influenced his father to drive them out of his house also and they were forced to stay with outsiders. Evans was taken to his grandmother who trained him. He told me his father accused the mother of being adulterous before driving her out of his house. Our marriage is blessed with five children. Our first issue is 12 years plus and her name us Udochukwu. After we got married, he said I should stay with his mother in his village at Akanmiri, Umudim, Nnewi to teach me how to be a good housewife. .

I was there for three years before he took me to Lagos. We were living at Satellite town in 2006 and after one year, he relocated us back to the village because he could not pay house rent. While in the village, he normally came to see us. We spent three years in the village and relocated to Ghana. On our way to Ghana, we passed through Lagos and stayed at Benny Hotels in Festac where we spent two days before travelling to Ghana. He spent a month with us in Ghana before coming back to Lagos.

I was pregnant with our fourth child in 2010 when he left for Nigeria to come back in two months time. After I gave birth, he came back four months later and was able to clear the accumulated bills we kept for him because I borrowed money from friends to clear hospital bill. When he came back, he complained bitterly that things were rough for him in Nigeria and that customs seized his goods. Sha said.

If you recall, her husband was on June 11 arrested at his Magodo home, Lagos State.

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