Saturday, 17 June 2017

Scam Alert!: Beware of this dubious fraudsters (photos)

Hello people! Please I need your attention. I want you guys to be wary of fraudsters. I have experienced this now. The guy with the name Tobi (@tobitxng_) is nothing but a scam. 

I had received a message in my email saying that I should pay for Instagram likes but first, I should try the free trial likes which I did. To my surprise, I received the first 100 likes on my post. Wow! 

2 hours later, my mail and Instagram (@Dashpee) was blocked. I was forced to reopen another account. I traced it back to the old account and I realised the guy named Tobi(@tobitxng_) had taken over my account. Since he doesn't want to give up on the account, let me treat his fuck up here. Such people shouldn't be seen around. Scamming people of their money is annoying especially with the way things are in the country. 

He is a thief and people should know that. Dealing with him is dangerous ooo ! Aberg. See more pictures below...

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