Monday, 12 June 2017

The Mummy Movie Makes A Comeback Starring Tom Cruise. Now In Cinemas

The Mummy franchise just got an exciting reboot as Tom Cruise steps in as Soldier of Fortune, Nick Morton. This edition of The Mummy is an action-adventure horror movie that is bound to keep you at the edge of your seats.

Directed by Alex Kurtzman, The Mummy stars Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, Marwan Kenzari and Russell Crowe. This 2017 edition will be the first installment in the Dark Universe film series following Universal Pictures announcement of a modern day reboot.

In The Mummy, an ancient Egyptian princess, Ahmanet, whose tomb was buried deep beneath the dessert is awakened and she has a deep score to settle as her destiny was unjustly taken from her and she is set on revenge not minding whoever gets in her way.

Ahmanet was first in line to replace her father Menehptre only to be replaced when his new wife gives birth to a son. Determined to usurp the throne, Ahmanet sells her soul to the the god Set, who promises to make her Queen in exchange for gaining a corporeal form. After killing her family, Ahmanet prepares to sacrifice her lover only to be captured and condemned to be buried alive with flesh-eating scarabs.

Does Tom Cruise’s character, Nick become evil in his quest to save the world from Princess Ahmanet? does he become a god? Well, you will have to find out when you visit the cinema to watch The Mummy by yourself!

The Mummy movie is showing in Nigeria courtesy of film distribution giants, Silverbird Film Distribution West Africa and you can catch it in any of the following cinemas, Silverbird Cinemas, Genesis Cinemas, Viva Cinemas, Ozone Cinemas & Lighthouse Cinemas to mention a few.

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