Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Makeup artist sues Kim Kardashian for using her Brand's name

She is rich and famous doesn't mean she can use peoples initials any how without proper protocols, according to TMZ anyways.

"Kim Kardashian has no right to her own initials in the cosmetics world, according to the Danish makeup artist who's now suing her.

Kirsten Kjaer Weiss is a big name in the cosmetic world and you dare not use her initial as yours. She says she's a famous makeup artist, and her line of KW cosmetics and makeup services are hot sellers around the world. According to TMZ, Kirsten says Kim K's cosmetics logo is confusing consumers. She says the problem is Kim's products bear the 'KKW' logo ... far too similar to Kirsten's 'KW.' 

In the suit, Kirsten says Kim's infringement is "knowing, willing and deliberate" -- and it's intended to dupe customers and screw with Kirsten's bottom line.

All she wanted right now is the court to immediately block Kim from using 'KKW,' and to award her all of Kim's sizeable profits, and to punish KK by making her pay damages

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