Tuesday, 11 July 2017

"Rob has a gun, Threatened to Kill Himself"- Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna has filed another case against Rob saying she's "terrified" of Rob Kardashian because he has a gun and has threatened to use it to kill himself.

Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, filed new documents on Monday, adding to her clients claims of violence. According to her, she says in addition to Rob attacking her in April, that same month, Chyna says Rob punched her, knocked her to the ground and she ran in fear to her bedroom, where Rob punched a hole through the door to get at her.

Chyna says she's afraid the new series of online attacks where he posted naked pics of her and other personal information will lead to increased irrational behavior and that he might harm her in his anger."
The judge however  issued a temporary domestic violence restraining order.

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