Friday, 21 July 2017

"Sorry, Will & I don't bang other couples for now"- Jada Pinkett-Smith

Banging other couples was not their calling....nope! Not at all. OK the full gist....yea!!!

Jada was recently on a show called 'Watch What Happens Live' trying to promote her new flick,"Girls Trip," when a caller asked what the craziest rumor Jada ever heard about herself. 

It took Jada a second before she laughed it off that, it was one about her and Will being Hollywood's notorious swingers.....what???...funny!

Jada made it sound like the door to the bedroom could be open to other couples in the future....oh yea! Exactly!

But one thing she was clean and clear about was how she and Will have remained together for 23 years, which is not easy for any body in Hollywood to do. Thumbs up for them.

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