Sunday, 23 July 2017

Woman who escaped R. Kelly's sex cult narrates her ordeal

R. Kelly, in a bid to lure a young woman into his sex cult, gave out cash gift and also promised to help in her career but it seems the woman didn't give in.

According to the young lady's story, she said she met the singer backstage at one of his shows in December after getting a wristband from someone in his crew. She was 20 at the time.

She said R. Kelly gave her his number and the 2 exchanged calls and texts, and he promised to help her become an actress/model. He invited her to his Georgia home and told her to "wear something sexy." She claims she brought a friend, but it got real creepy -- no phones were allowed and suddenly she was escorted to R's bedroom.

"Kelly asked me to strut around and pose like a model ... and convinced me to take sexy photos". "On my way home, he gave me $200 to buy black lingerie, heels and red lipstick for my next visit ... which i did".

" I went back to R. Kelly's place 2 more times alone but each time he got more aggressive and controlling, asking me to pose nude, we never had sex".

"The last straw was him sending me a one-way ticket to be with him back in L.A. in February, warning me not to bring a friend. I felt uneasy and told my mother and she said I should not go back there".

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