Tuesday, 22 August 2017

José Eduardo dos Santos: end of 38 years rule? I don't think so

This might come out as a gist but believe me, this one is a real deal ooo!.....abi, for one person to have ruled for 38 years!!!!! Angolans, I dey hail ooo!

At least, its good to know that Angolan President, José Eduardo dos Santos is stepping down after 38 years in power....sweet lawd!!!! I'm sure it is the handy work of United Nations.

The 74 year old Santos has been president of Angola since September 1979 making him Africa’s third-longest serving leader, stepping down will really go a long way in the life of the people of Angola because some of these people have only known him to be their president.

Meanwhile, the incoming president, Joao Lourenco, is the current defence minister, which means Mr Santos name is unlikely to be out of the picture.

Before the election, Angola's parliament passed a law that prohibits the new president from sacking the heads of the army, police and intelligence services for eight years. Lawmakers also granted Dos Santos a seat on the Council of the Republic which gives him immunity from prosecution. Now you see?...

Lest I forget, his daughter, Isabel De Santos is the richest woman in Africa with a net worth of $3.7billion, whose wealth can be said to have been derived from the state and a son, Jose Filomeno, chairing the country’s $5bn sovereign wealth fund. Now you know baba is still in charge.

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