Saturday, 19 August 2017

Juliana Olayode's 'Rebirth': Her virginity, her business!

Juliana Olayode!!!!....does that name ring any bell? Who is she, where does she lives, have you met her in person or you just saw her on Jenifa's diary and then you concluded in your heart that she is not trustworthy?.

She just wrote a book called 'Rebirth', where she clearly stated her past life, sexual abuse, and all, but the part where she said she wasn't a virgin as people had speculated, triggered people which saw bloggers writing different stories just to have enough traffic, smh!!.

'Virginity', this shouldn't be anybody's headache, I read so many blog post on her and I was like, what's wrong with all these bloggers self, ehn! Somebody can't just be in peace again ni, I'm also a blogger but I refuse to follow some bloggers footsteps.

However, Juliana has done her own part by letting you know her secret (how she was disflowered at age 17), how she lied at different TV interviews and all, and she has also laid an example which is 'Truth' (Rebirth). Criticism won't help anybody, just buy the book, read and learn from it.

The other day, Dammy Crane was discharged and acquitted, the news didn't spread like when he was arrested, Na WAH!

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation"-  Herman Melville

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