Thursday, 10 August 2017

Kevin Hart sued by fan, says his security called him 'bitch, pussy, coward'

I bet you don't want to messup with Kevin Hart's security guards, but there is one who just broke the law of 'stay in your limit' 'don't be rude'. You say whattttttt????.....hahahahaha! OK! Here is the gist huh! There was this dude who allegedly claimed Kevin's security beat him to pulp and even called him a "bitch, pussy, coward".

According to Jay Collins, he was an invited VIP guest at Kevin's Philadelphia concert on August 29, 2015 when he was "aggressively approached and detained by stadium security." The reason why is what we don't know till now.

The suit claims stadium security handed him over to Kevin's personal security, and that's when the brutality began. (Hey yah!), Collins said Kevin's security threatened to taze him and then jammed the prongs of the tazer into his face, neck and back.

All what He wanted right now is, $50k or even more and that's why He is suing Kevin because he says the comedian has to take responsiblity for his people. (Lobatan) lol!

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