Thursday, 10 August 2017

"Kylie Jenner's lip Kit worth over $400 million"- Kris Jenner

Making this kind of money at her age is serious ooo!...if you ask me. Issokay! But in other news, Kylie Jenner's company is on its way to glory, yes! According to her mom and business manager, Kris Jenner, the cosmetic line is fast becoming a billion-dollar brand.

Since officially launching her famous Kylie Cosmetics lip kit line in 2016, people have been wondering and they wanted to know how well the brand was doing.

Speaking with the Women's Wear Daily, Kylie's mom said the brand has done $420 million retail sales....what???? That's just for 18 months oo!

She further gave another documents that shows that Kylie's line projects had hit up to $386 million in sales in 2017 putting it on track to become a billion dollar company by 2022. (This one gidi gan ooo)

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