Monday, 7 August 2017

"Tunde Ednut is a failed TV host, comedian and a musician"- TV host Onyx Godwin claps back

Linda Ikeji Blog reader, Onyx Godwin has been in a battle field with self aclaimed musician, Tunde Ednut since morning over Tunde' disdainful commoents about him and it seems the TV presenter doesn't want to take a chill pill.

According to him, Tunde Ednut is a failed musician who only needs attention and all. Read what he wrote in parts....

"I am used to getting laughed at, insulted and all other crap out there, it has been part of my life since i was a child. I eat it, I sleep it, i live it.

I don't get bothered anymore, i used too tho, once in a while i have terrible mood swings, i am human afterall.

Random people often pop on my social media pages to say rubbish, I ignore, but today's own was too much, i woke up and my Instagram page was on fire. Sooo many comments -all hateful, some said i have AIDS, some that i am anorexic, irritating, cursed, wasted sperm, I should be jailed and other rubbish. I was like WTF? I gotta put these imbeciles where they deserve to be. I have time today, thank God i didn't go to work.

I blocked over 50 people today, attacked many of them , I pulled off my wigs, didn't mind my pedicure and fought dirty!

Alot of them were girls, I don't know why FAT GIRLS (some anyway) always bash me, is it my fault you people have big bellies and cellulites all over your body? Why do u think u can body shame me and i should not body shame you? You all are bastards!

As for Tunde Ednut, dude, I know your type, always hateful towards effeminate guys, trying to make people think you're macho, love pussy meanwhile you masturbate to my pictures and imagine your dick up my cakes. There are better ways to get my attention, I know u wanna tap this, but you're broke, so nah nah nah.

You are a;


Then for all your homophobes, what if i tell you at least 3 people in your family is gay? See ehn, if I mention names of people that come on to me, Nigeria will break faster than Biafra would break it!

You don't like me or what i do, but u always stalk my pages, who's the joke on? 
I have time today oo, say rubbish and i will come for you hard! **Now lemme go and buy noodles, egg, agege bread and Apple fanta".

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