Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Bisola: My connection with 'DEM' BBNaija girls is too strong...

All Big Brother Nigeria 2017 female contestants had better be happy and thankful because Bisola's still got their back. The 'Daddy's girls' star took to Instagram wall this morning to penned down a WCW messgae to them. Read her post below....

"I have lived, laughed, cried, argued,quarrelled, Joked, shared, eaten, sang etc with these women and I have a connection with them because personally I feel they are the only ones who know how it feels to have a continent watch you/judge you/curse you out and praise you. Many people expect that after BBN some of these ladies n myself would have severed ties because of some misunderstandings we might have had but hey nobody is perfect WE were competing against each other and being scrutinized at the same time".
"I won't stop being friends with them, I won't stop supporting them because whether you like it or not we are all part of each other's success stories and you know what it's not everything we put out on social media. We always come through for each other like Bandededeng cos #wenotregular #wcw #iloveyall"

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