Friday, 29 September 2017

Chris Attoh's marriage advice with Bola Ray: LISTEN!!!

Chris Attoh look visibly uncomfortable answering personal questions about his love with Damilola Adegbite just days after their split.

Chris sat calmly during Podcast interview with Bola Ray on Starr Chat and was hit with a range of questions by a female listener who recently got married. Not only was he asked to give advice on marriage, but was asked if he had cheated on his wife before. 

Chris actually does a great job of dancing round the questions, but said "Marriage is a beautiful thing and more importantly, marriage is a serious business. It's a partnership, it's not a game of chess".

"I can gladly say that I never cheated because I didn't find a reason to. when you keep yourself busy as well, it helps".

Based on the advice the female listener asked for, he said As a woman, you need to trust the captain of the ship, love and respect him. If you're a Christian, trust me, it's your bible that will get you through your marriage days.

Bola asked him if overlooks all the advice he is giving in his own marriage and if that was why it crashed, Chris Attoh replied saying "No one is perfect and I'm not here to talk about my marriage"

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