Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes: We're not hiding anymore....

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes be playing hide and seek there, but not anymore as the duo have now decided to let the big cat out of the small bag.

It took 4 years, but Hollywood's most top secret couple finally packed on the PDA Monday in Malibu ... hand in hand in the sand. Though they've allegedly been together since 2013 -- about a year after her split from Tom Cruise -- this is the first time they've been seen doing what lovebirds do.
According to report, Katie was seen with a ring on her finger in March 2016, but Foxx's rep said it wasn't from him. A year before that, Jamie denied they were even a thing. Still, the relationship was no secret to most in Hollywood, JamKat just never let on in public.

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