Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Man arrested over penis-shaped bouquet delivery to Selena Gomez

Crushing is allowed but obsessing is wrong.....Yea! Selena Gomez had better watch her back, because there is a guy obsessing over her.

The 24 year old guy went to a flower shop to buy a penis-shaped bouquet  before showing up at the door step of the songstress to deliver other good items. According to report, he showed up on Friday morning at Selena Gomez's San Fernando home with random gifts including food and flower.

Selena's security men on seeing him, recognized him because that's not his first time, after checking out the gifts, sensed some foul play, which made them called the police and before that time, police had already gotten a call from a flower shop that a man requested a phallic floral arrangement for Selena Gomez.

The flower shop's description however matched the guy Selena's security boy!!! Game over!!

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