Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Man up: turns Admiralty bridge to RESTFUL!!!

Handle business. Keep your nose out of trouble. Stay the hell away from sketchy situations. These are all different ways of saying this man got a man up to move past his domestic problems, that's if he has one though....

I don't know him, you guys don't either, but whatever reasons he might have to have sat down calmly on Admiralty bridge (Ikoyi-Lekki link) at such late hour with his exotic car, should be well articulated by the Psychiatric hospital. TRUST me! He isn't alright.

New trend...and some Nigerians have already started following trend. (Hehehehehehe, BAD GUY!),  it's clear he's got new followers, Nigerians are the most happiest beings to think of but the big lesson is avoid being used by material things.

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