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So this is me doing my job as a real  food critic, I know that people love the negative reviews and that it’s more fun to read and write about the bad meals than the good ones. So I’m here with what you expect of me as a food critic. Where restaurant criticism is concerned it is hate that springs eternal. Sure, people may enjoy restaurant reviews in general, but what they really love are the take downs.
Tastee Fried Chicken (also known as TFC or De Tastee Fried Chicken Nigeria LTD) is a fast food fried chicken restaurant based in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. It has eight locations.
106, Awolowo Road, Oando Filling Station, Ikoyi, Lagos. Tel.: 08075491242
So I went to this restaurant some weeks ago and it was just as crappy as what i couldn’t have imagined looking at the structure from outside is enough reason to encourage someone to patronize them.
But guess what they have a whole lot of saucy staff from her security down to her manager. I got there on a hot sunny Saturday just to get chicken & Ice-cream. Prior to the fact that chicken prices varies in Ikoyi, I asked how much their chicken was and one of the staff said “if you are interested get one and if not drop it” and I was like see this one o. But I got the chicken tho and guess what the chicken was not nice (salty, not cooked and too much oil). So apparently I had to throw the chicken away… *sad* and the ice-cream had this weird taste but then sha….
Anyways there was a following occurrence there when I had to go do an interview with their manager and I was told to go get permit from their headquater: this sounds weird right? In summary, tastee is fried and crappy…
Overall ratings
Staff:  3/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Food and drinks: 4/10
Value for money: 5/10

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