Sunday, 29 October 2017

Hushpuppi and Jeremy Meek, now friends?.....

Seems Hushpuppi and hot felon, Jeremy Meeks are good friends (Photo)

Hushpuppi as the name implies, is absolutely certain he is done with some Nigerian celebrities and he is currently romancing or planning to romance International big DEAL!!

On a picture the self acclaimed Gucci ambassador and Instagram mini god shared on his wall, he wrote;  'Peace of mind is the real key', and Jeremy Meeks dropped a comment on the post that reads, 'aint that the truth. When you coming back this way'.

Hushpuppi seeing that, replied saying, 'coming back soon bro. We should plan a massive trip soon together my brother'.

The question is, are these two now friends or are they up to something? Well, whichever ways yea, Your homey will always be your homey....

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