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Benijamz: Seyi Shay is my love!!...

Nigerian latest upcoming artist, Benijamz has literarily joined the leagues of artists crushing on songstress, Sheyi Shay... He says his love for her kept on growing faster than his own imagination. Benijamz dropped this during a phone conversation with DMB.....saying he is the next rated artist Nigerians should watch out for.

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When did you start music career?
It all started in 2013, when I used to go for different shows and trying to make music on my own. The story changed in 2014 when I went for a record label competition, I released a song under the competition and then kept going for shows, know, normal thing that young boys do.

What was your growing up like?
Ah! growing up was not that sweet at all, you understand I'm not from a rich family so growing up for me was tough. I had to get some things on my own, apparently, I dropped out of secondary school in SS2 then started working to get money for studio session. (Cut in!)..... What was the name of the School?.....yea! I went to Firstard private secondary school at Igando, Ikotun area. I was earning four thousand naira as at that time.

What's your name and you are from which state?

Delta State and my name is Okafor Benjamin Nnamdi

So how did you come about the name Benijamz?

I was bearing one funny nickname before, but when CEO of Naira Bet, Akin Alabi saw me at an event this year, precisely March, I was asked to come over and record but on getting there the producers were like, NEVER!!! I can't continue bearing that funny name, so they decided to change it to Benijamz, since my name is Benjamin, so that was what brought out the name.

Are you presently under any record label?

Yes!.....I'm currently under a record label (Over the top entertainment) owned by same Akin Alabi

Were you under any record label before now?

No!.....I was pretty doing my stuff myself then.

But we heard you were under a record label before?. I swear, that story is still busting my head like shit. Talking of that, during my National Diploma daysin Laspotech, I formed a group with my then roommate, Kunle, the name of the group was Cyber entertainment. The reason was that, I was not getting shows like the way it should be and since he, (Kunle) was one of the Student Union member, he had some keys then, so we decided to team up. In 2015, After the National Diploma, we went for Industrial Training. I informed him at a point of the moves i was making myself, he was not interested and said he had moved on to do other things and even at a point he stopped answering my calls, you know how it is after school, everyone goes their separate ways and it was during one of my hustles i lost my phone and contact and all hope to retrieved the number or any information about him proof abortive.

Meanwhile, it was few weeks ago I saw a post on Instablog where Kunle dragged my name out, saying I was under his record label, Cyber Entertainment but thanks to my Label mates, Skuki who stood by me through out the whole saga.

He later confessed and apologized to everyone that he was sorry about his alleged false claim.

What really inspired you?
I gathered my inspirations from the things around me, especially, what I'm going through, my background....besides, I'm 18 year old and for that age, i have seen a lot, difficulties in life, you know it was not easy. You can't see me mentioned Bugatti, Ferrari or Porsche in my songs....why? Because I don't have them yet.

My music is about the foundation of how I left the street, to come and be chilling with Akin Alabi. So what inspired me is what has happened to my life, I use my situation and things around me to write my music.

What's your latest track?

"Shine"!!.....that' smy latest single and its getting massive response from public. I actually wrote the song in 2016 but due to some reasons, it was delayed. The song focused more on my past situation.

Are your parents in support of your career?

At the beginning, my parent wanted me to go to school but when they saw what was involve, they had to let go, I meant ,the organization that was involved (Naira Bet). But then, that are still putting much pressure on me.

Talking of pressure, are you saying you are back to school?

Yea!....I'm presently studying Performing Art at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State.

What were the challenges you faced when you started?

Ah!..that's a deep one o!...(laugh), one of the challenges is MONEY!, you know, to record a song in the studio is not free and putting it on blogs too is another issue. Another challenge was the age factor, sometime in 2014/2015, I was so young and going to shows where bigger boys were was a tough one, no body want to stand on my behalf. Those are the challenges I had then....

Do you have any other source of income?

For now, no!.....I want to focus more on music and apart from that, I'm a new comer so music is the major source if income for me at least right now. (Cut in) are you saying one can rely on the music? Yes! If the music is good, and your songs are making headlines, you can rely on it.....but then, one must not pour his/her eggs in one basket too.

How do you relax?

Well.....I do relax in my house! There is no point in going to club when I know I don't have any business there, the only time I go to club is when I have things to do there. But aside that, my relaxation spot is my home.

If you are to pick any female celebrity or date any one of them, who will that be?

(Laughing) I swear to God, I will pick Seyi Shay!I have been crushing on her since only God knows when, shey you understand? Sheyi Shay is my love.

Any message for the young ones especially the upcoming artists like you?

They just have to be strong, they have to believe in themselves......because no body can understand their dreams sort from themselves. And they shouldn't be relaxed on the fact that someone out there is going to help them, especially upcoming ones like myself, they should be focus in everything they do. They must believe in themselves before any one does, and they should believe in God too because he is the author and finisher of our faith.

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