Monday, 27 November 2017

Jay-Z Cancels Another 4:44 Concert, 'Technical Difficulties

Jay-Z  just cancelled another stop on his 4:44 tour....the people in Lincoln, Nebraska must understand this.

His show in Lincoln, Nebraska on Dec. 6 is now a no-go. He says the venue couldn't handle his production and the screens couldn't be assembled in time for his show.  It's the same reason he canceled a show back on Nov. 1 in Fresno. He promises ticket holders will get full refunds.

"I respect you guys too much to take the money and run," he however explained his statement. It's interesting ... doesn't sound like he's rescheduling either concert.

Till now, he never gave a reason for canceling his Fresno concert. People assumed it was poor ticket sales, but guess that's not the case.

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