Thursday, 2 November 2017

Travis Scott, Injured Fan's Own Mom Took Rapper's Side in Concert Lawsuit

Travis Scott did not incite anyone at his April 30 concert to jump from the balconies, and although an injured fan is now suing the rapper, the fan's own mom disputed the claim that Travis was responsible.

Kyle Green is suing Travis, claiming the rapper incited the crowd to do crazy things like jump. Green says he didn't jump but something happened that caused him to fall. Green says Travis and his people were callous ... he claims he was unceremoniously scooped up without a cervical collar or backboard.  He says he's now confined to a wheelchair. Green's lawyer says his client is partially paralyzed.
But check out the video ... you never hear Travis encouraging people to jump, you see Green climb the railing, a strobe flash and then the teen plummeting. When Travis realized what happened, he summoned help immediately, urged his people to clear the way so he could get out safely.
TMZ obtained an email sent by Green's mom to Travis after the incident, in which she says her son "does not hold either of you accountable for what happened to him, and he will not take any legal action against either of you."
The mom acknowledges someone pushed Kyle from the balcony, and she says, "I would never punish someone who was trying to help my son. Kyle has said that he will never forget your kindness and encouragement during that terrifying time."
As Kyle was being taken out of the venue, Travis gave him a $100k ring. We're also told Travis' manager and others on his team visited Kyle in the hospital and Travis FaceTimed him. 

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