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A moment with REMS, the comedian!!.. (read)

Comedian, Ogbedada Micheal known as REMS who hails from Isoko area of Delta State talks about his background, challenges, with DMB correspondent, Aileru Olatanwa except....

Can we meet you?

My name is Ogbedada Micheal and I go by the stage name 'REMS'. I am from a family of five, and I'm the fourth child of the family. I'm a stand up comedian, a film maker, an actor, and a director. I'm a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan. I anchor weddings and host events.

How did the comedy career start?

Growing up, I have always loved TV screen, pictures, writing and stuff. I grew up as a church kid and we used to keep church instruments in our house. My dad knows how to play drums; well, everybody in my family knows how to play one musical instrument or the other. At the end of the day, I was one of the keyboardists in church. So, the church organized a programme at a particular time and gave the teens the opportunity to take over the service. So, I was appointed as the MC and that was the first time I handled the microphone. Since then, I got the courage to move ahead and I pursued the comedy career when I got to University of Ibadan, where I had my first major performance. It was an embarrassing and disappointing one, though. That was how it started for me.

Earlier, you mentioned starting up in church, was music really your thing or you just dived into it because of your comedy career? 

I was privileged as a child, to grow up into musical opportunities. I wouldn't say music was my thing, I would rather say music was the path that led me into other things I really wanted to pursue.

Were your parents in support of your comedy career? 

My parents were never in support. At age 9, I used to run away from school to attend auditions. My parent wanted a corporate life for me, mostly my mum. My dad wanted me to study Petrochemical Engineering. But right now, they see me in places and they are always wondering how I found my way there. So, they are always like 'the young man knows what he really wants'.

What has been your major strength? 

My major strength has been my strong determination because I know what I want for myself.

What has been the most challenging part of your career? 

Starting the career itself was a challenge. The major challenge is, looking at industry and seeing people you started together and have worked with who are doing quite better than you, it makes you feel like you are not doing it the right way. I would say the social media is a challenge too but it has its own roles, that is, meeting up with the expectations of fans. Reaching a compromise with a client on charges is another thing because the industry right now is like a crocodile world.

What do you do during your leisure?

I love watching movies, a lot of comedy movies, documentaries and show. I love swimming and I also love playing soccer.

How do you feel when you crack a joke and people don't laugh? 

It is wrong to feel bad in such a scenario. What I do is, I tell myself, this thing is not working maybe because I did something wrong somewhere and I look out for amendments. I don't stop, I just keep going.

How do you deal with hecklers ?

I ignore them and move on, that's all. If you do, people will talk, if you don't, they will still talk. So, I will rather do and let them say whatever they want.

Can we know your relationship status? 

Can I keep it private?


I'm in a very active relationship with Jesus

Being a public figure, how do you cope with obsessed female fans? 

I maintain my distance as much as I love and respect my fans. I just keep the friendship because I have a lot of female friends.

So any advice for upcoming comedians? 

Majorly, they need to spend time pursuing people who can add value to them, not the bad ones and they should believe in God too, 'cause its only God that can make a way even where there seems no way.

Thank you for your time!...we hope you will answer us when next we call.

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