Saturday, 16 December 2017

WWE's Enzo Amore: There is no way I'm changing my SIGNATURE!!..

WWE superstar, Enzo Amore isn't going to listen to anybody.....his signature method is everything so, the State of Delaware had better stick to their business. Nawah!

Enzo WENT off on his DMV beef -- claiming he's been getting calls from reps demanding he change his license ASAP due to the suggestive signature. 

But jokes apart yea, but the signature looks like a SEMITIC language.

But Enzo is saying no body can tell him to change the signature...... He is ready to face any LANISTER soldier.

'There ain't no way the state of Delaware is gonna tell me how to sign my own license!! I've been signing this signature since grade school!!"

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2 Responses to "WWE's Enzo Amore: There is no way I'm changing my SIGNATURE!!.."

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