Tuesday, 6 February 2018

BBNaija: Vandora raped?....

Not even our very own Vandora was spared in the Big Brother Naija season 3's 'True Revelation' game. According to Vandora, her ex-boyfriend do have canal knowledge of her without her own permission during the course of their relationship.

Going through some write-ups and comments on some blogs, I found out that most people think she is lying, some even say she is impotent, while some believe it is wrong to say you don't know when somebody is having sex with you.

All said and done, they might be right in their thoughts but what we fail to realise is that, a sleepy person cannot give consent to sex due to the state of unconsciousness in making such decisions, and having sex with someone who cannot give consent isn't lawful or ethical, nor is it even sex: it's rape.....so she is right if she says she was raped.

We also failed to ask; why the rape? Was it that she doesn't like sex and the bobo loves it more? How did the whole raping start self? Well, the only person that can answer that is Vandora. Let's wait till she leaves the house.

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