Saturday, 10 March 2018

"Finding time to spend with friends and family is a challenge"- Singer Sheliroy

Sheliroy was born as "Paul Idowu Dominic" in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, inside Africa. In a phone conversation with DMB, the 'Koshi' crooner revealed that he grew up from a musical Christian family where music is nothing to them.
As a young boy, he attended Wahab Folawiyo High School, Osborn Lagos, for his secondary level education, and later left Delta State University to pursue music.

Sheliroy studied "The Theory Of Music" (Music Theory) briefly at the Music Society of Nigeria, Lagos (MUSON), before he decided to follow his passion in the music industry.

"I came from a musical christian family, all my family members had a role in the church choir, at a point in my life, I was surrounded by music & my passion for music increased & it became something I wanted to take more seriously as a career".

When he was asked if his parents were in support of his musical career, he said both parents now (Late) were fully in support of it, after all....they also have passion for it.

On like many artist out there who will say their major strength is their parents, Sheliroy's major strength is music. It is has always been his backbone.

On what has been the most challenging part of his career, he said finding enough time to spend with friends & family is the most challenging part of his career.

"Most people don't understand, and it's very difficult to adjust on that part". (There's a lot to it)

What do you do during your leisures?

I write. It could be poems, quotes or stuffs like that, everything includes in my lyrics sometimes. These are what keeps me going (Smiles)

Sheliroy is currently under the label "Over The Top Entertainment" owned by the CEO of NAIRABET. (Hon. Otunba Akin Alabi) 

On how to deal with hecklers, Sheliroy who believed that his relationship status should remain personal said it depends on where or what angle it's coming from.

"Assuming I'm on the stage, ( I stay positive) I've the microphone, so I take control. That is when I use my secret weapon (Audience), After all, they came to see me".

"Not some joker who didn't get enough attention from mommy growing up. If they wanted to hear a heckler, they'd go to a comedy club. (Smiles) No disrespect, these same people keeps me going.

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