Monday, 9 July 2018

Cattle rearing in the South West!....

A facebook user, Wole Ajewole has this to say....

Ranching is the modern way of animal husbandry. It averts the danger of open
grazing and promote other health issues.

The major problem associated with it particularly at this crucial period in the life of our country is the fear of domination, imperialism and uncertainty about the future. The most being the establishment of emirate and expansion of colony.

According to Wole Ajewole, there should be a way out. "We have jobless OND and other degrees holders in animal related fields, we can create opportunities for them in the business of animal rearing. Cattle rearing must not be exclusive reserve of the northerners.

But if the South West is to embrace it we must go ranching. We are all aware that we don't have expanse of land like the north and our land are cultivated to produce food stuff. If the ranches are owned by the locals in the SW the fear that federal government is trying to hijack land for a certain interest groups will be removed.
I surely believe we need ranching and our teeming jobless youths in the South West must take the opportunity and not that the land are giving to foreigners.

Let our State Governments do this as part of their empowerment programme for
our people. We have institutions like Leventis, polytechnics and universities that
are to support them with skills and techniques. This may liberate many from the
shackles of unemployment and poverty".

Source: Wole Ajewole/

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