Monday, 16 July 2018

How important is 'YOU'?

For righteousness sake, they say.
Just do it and get it over with.
Just do it for records purpose.
Just do it for requirement purpose.
Just do it for doing sake.
All for 'righteousness' sake,
So they say.

For the people's sake, they say.
You are a leader.
You have to conform to the norms.
You have to answer to the authority no matter what.
You must not question the rules.
You must lead by examples, examples speculated by them.
All for the people's sake,
So they say.

Lies & hypocrisy & pretense & deceit.

You know, after Jesus' death that was FOR MY SAKE,
I haven't really seen anything else that's for my sake.


Here is it; at the end, you are left with you. Would you at least, consider 'you'?

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