Monday, 16 July 2018

Open letter to Nigerians- Actor Yomi Fabiyi

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi who was recently honored/Decorated by his excellency, Consul-General, Mr. John Bray as the Human Rights Ambassador on the 24th of April, 2018 at US embassy in Lagos State has decided to penned down a letter to Nigerians. Read below.....

"I will start by asking, why is there no NGO ON POWER and SECURITY? If any, what have they being doing? They need to double up please.

We cannot continue this way into 2019, if not, that election will be another approval to political slavery, national darkness and immunity for corruption. We need to stop asking for what the country will do for us, it is about time we think of what we will do for the country. Most of those elected may not even have concrete idea(s) on the solutions to most of our infrastructural problems. 
I am using this medium to call on Corporate organisations to SPONSOR research amongst students and scholars that will centre around IDENTIFYING PROBLEM WITH POWER SUPPLY, it's SOLUTION, SACRIFICES NEEDED, MODALTIES, DURATION, COST, MAINTAINANCE etc.

The Blueprints and footages can be shared with relevant authorities and must be kept online, these are things Nigerian youths need spend more of our datas on for now as a nation. This will be a general knowledge and inform what the populace will push with their respective representatives. Nigeria needs help from Nigerians. People are suffering, dying and running away everyday. Why is no one releasing this statistics?

Science students, science scholars SHOULD PLEASE FORM ACTIVE NGOs IN THIS REGARDS. The same thing should please go out for NATIONAL SECURITY, POPULATION AND DEMOGRAPHY. These NGOs ought to be filled with Nigerians who are willing to volunteer, contribute and put pressure on government on social media and physically. Nigerians should donate more to these NGOs than religious houses. 
If all these things works, we will realise we would stop disturbing God weekly for the things he has already blessed us with. GIVE NIGERIANS LIGHT & SECURITY (DATA BASE INCLUSIVE), the rest will fixed itself in 5years. 
LET US ALL RISE TO SAVE NIGERIA, it is nosediving because nothing is really working and it is becoming a burden on the next generation". 

Yomi Fabiyi
Actor/Human Rights Ambassador.

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