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Fear Grips People Of Oyo, As Mukaila Auxiliary Threatens Violence If Not Reinstated As NURTW Boss

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Fear grips the people of Oyo State, as notorious terrorist and ex-convict Mukaila Auxiliary threatens to unleash terror in the state if he’s not reinstated as the Chairman of National Union Of Road Transport Worker (NURTW), Oyo State chapter.
Mukaila who has the backing of the Governor-elect Seyi Makinde, vows to terrorize the people of the State if he’s not reinstated come May 29th.

The Former factional Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Oyo State, Alhaji Lamidi Mukaila, popularly known as Auxiliary, who was reportedly released from prison last year was sentenced to Six years in prison for murder. Auxiliary as fondly called and four other accused persons, were convicted and sentenced to six years imprisonment by an Oyo State High Court for their involvement in a crisis that claimed lives of some people in Ibadan, in March 2014. On the 4th of June 2011, Mukaila and his gangs were responsible for the death of so many innocent citizens in Iwo road motor park. Mukaila’s involvement in the crisis claimed the lives of some Islamic scholars, youth corpers, an undergraduate law student, a final year medical student, student union leader Adekunle Oladipupo and many more. While in prison, it was reported that Governor elect, Seyi Makinde allegedly looked out for Mukaila and also paid for his medical bills.

The former NURTW member, Mukaila, was picked off the street by the then NURTW boss, Alhaji Tokyo. Mukaila who was mentally unstable and was roaming the street of Iwo, was taken off the street by Tokyo who rendered help, by providing shelter and other basic amenities, to the extent of sending him to an Islamic school so as to help him regain his sanity. Mukaila was then returned to the union during Akala’s regime. As they say, human character is like pregnancy that can't be hidden forever. Mukaila betrayed Alhaji Tokyo. He bit the fingers that fed him. 

After his release from Prison last year, Mukaila was a bit sober and off the radar but just as Seyi Makinde was announced the winner of the just concluded Oyo state governorship election, Mukaila began terrorizing the people of Oyo, threatening to unleash terror in the state if he’s not reinstated has the Chairman. Mukaila has been constituting nuisance in the state, putting the lives of Oyo people at risk. Mukaila misbehavior is due to the fact that he’s being supported by Seyi Makinde, he believes his association with Makinde gives him the power to be above the law. Mukaila believes he is untouchable because he’s got Makinde’s backing. Even one of his wives, Omowumi Lamidi, dragged him to court to dissolve their marriage for forcefully marrying her without her parent’s consent. Omowumi claimed Mukaila kidnapped her 10 years ago, Mukaila sent some hooligans to carry her into his home without her parents’ consent and in fact, he was the one, who deflowered her. She accused Mukaila of domestic violence and a threat to her life.

The people of Oyo are living in fear, they are worried and scared of Mukaila Auxiliary, they are pleading with the Governor Elect, Seyi Makinde to come to their aid, they are begging Seyi Makinde to dissociate himself from the notorious Mukaila who is a murderer, rapist and ex-convict. 

Seyi Makinde should kindly listen to the people of Oyo because the people of Oyo voted for him; it is his responsibility to ensure the safety of his people. Makinde shouldn’t allow a nonentity like Mukaila Auxiliary smear his reputation and goodwill. Mukaila is a big disgrace to the people of Oyo, Makinde needs to distance himself from such hooligan who has no value for human life. Mukaila has brought nothing but tears, fear, pain and sadness into the lives of people of Oyo. The people of Oyo are tired of Mukaila, they want peace to continue to reign in the state as it has been for the past 6 years.

Written and packaged by Tosin Silverdam

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