Sunday, 8 December 2019

Ghana Telecom University College Member, Dede Lawer Properly cleared by the court

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In reference to an article published by, about Dede Lawer a former Ghana Telecom University College SRC 2016/2017 member stating that she embezzled some funds of
the SRC and in a separate article of their retraction of same story, it should be noted that the retraction of the story is not as required and  is unfortunate. Clearly, kuulpeeps per this their apology has demonstrated that they are not interested in promoting the youth of Ghana but they interested in carrying false rumours without proper investigation.

Kuulpeeps retraction which was ordered by the court wasn't as strong and lost the euphoria to which was used in writing the article that sought to tarnish the image of a Ms. Dede Lawer which the court in it judgement considered that  it has "...taken into consideration the age of plaintiff as *a young woman, with her entire future ahead of her.* To have her name splashed on the internet for crime associated with her position as a treasurer of a students' union, by no means caused damage her reputation." Yet kuulpeeps in their retraction refused acknowledged the severity of their actions and it's resultant effect. 

Unfortunately, the retraction article was captured at very small as part of a main page on their blog which was not same for the main article. It clearly shows that there was no remorse in writing the apology and it seemed as if they were forced by the law to apologized to Ms. Dede Lawer. By an extension, it can be deduce that the apology was done in bad fate, which is so unexpected from a renowned blogging site as kuulpeeps.

It is only prudent that a renowned blogging site as such will publish a cogent apology to ensure that their reputation isn't affected by the sheer weak retraction they have published. It will be an act of proper curtsey for them to publish and make their reaction well known just like they did for the main article that sought to tarnish her image.

What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong, forgo the shame and do the needful as you will want others to do for you.

Until then, let it be made clear for the records that Ms. Dede Lawer, former SRC treasurer of the Ghana Telecom University College (GTUC) has been cleared by the court for embezzling funds of the SRC. 

On record, Ghana Telecom University College has awarded Ms. Dede Lawer the best treasurer the university has ever had, how can this be possible if indeed there was an embezzlement of funds as perpetuated by the blogging site, kuulpeeps.

The project of the SRC year in which Dede Lawer served, was to purchase a bus for the institution which has been done. The question again is, if embezzlement was done, could the purchase of the bus be possible? Kuulpeeps has made us know that they can't sucintly do deep research before they put stories out there for people to read. This is a public misinformation and definitely was a personal attack on Ms. Dede Lawer as her name was the only name mentioned in the article clearly targeting her and keen on tarnishing her image. 

Is it not amazing the court awarded damages to Ms. Dede Lawer to compensate her and restore her name to Glory? If indeed she was laible, will such damages be awarded? And question is, will she go extreme to fight for justice ?

She is a transparent and resourceful leader who has always had the plight of her fellowers at heart. She has never been corrupt, she isn't corrupt and has never peddled in any act of corruption or embezzlement of funds in the past, now and isn't ready to do that in future. 

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