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Ebook: Instagram Organic Growth Hacks by Damie Adeyinka

Dear entrepreneur,

Are you stuck on how to make social media work for you?

Are you tired of not being able to make sales for your business?

Wait... let me guess, you have tried all of the strategies some of these so-called Instagram Marketing Experts preach online and none of them has worked for you.

You are tired and you just really feel like throwing in the towel right now.

Perhaps, you've even thrown away the towel, and all you do now is wait for a miracle from above.

Well, maybe Damie Adeyinka's New book is that miracle you've secretly been praying for.

Who knows?

You see, there's yet a way for you to grow your brand online and make your business thrive like you've always wanted it to.

"But how?"

Simple. Fly on the wings of a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist, an LSETF -CERTIFIED Social Media Associate, a Hubspot-Certified Email Marketeting Expert, and a Blog Trainer in Lagos, who truly knows his onions well... whose strategic approaches brings sure and effective RESULTS.

You see, friends, social media stardom is in fact possible, but you only need to follow a few SIMPLE tricks and tips to achieve your business goals.

So, no matter what your business goals are, they are in fact achievable when tied with effective social media goals.

In his book, Damie shared the 3 Pillars of Influential Status on Instagram or any other social networks.

They are:

1. Content
2. Engagement
3. Consistency.

In the end, quality content + strategic engagement + consistent value = Enviable Results.

Again, I dare say to you, Social Media Stardom is achievable by following just a few techniques here and there.

Trying hard to inflate the numbers of your followers is not the way to stardom on social media.

In fact, the numbers of likes that you get is not going to count for anything at the end of the way.

You know what will count?

The numbers of true commenters and of people getting into your DM to ask about YOUR business is exactly what will count.

At the end, it's a game of numbers, if you know what I mean.

The book, Instagram Organic Growth Hacks present to you easy steps to master and profit from Instagram.

In this book, Damie Adeyinka shared all of the important ingredients to growing and gaining loyal and buying fans on Instagram.

You only need to lend your hands to him and he will show you how to sail successfully through the turbulent seas of Instagram city.

Table of Contents 

Content is King
Driving Crazy Engagements
Wrong Instagram Approach
Hashtag Strategy
Clean Up
How to Create Carousels 
Tools and Resources

See that?

Easy and familiar phrases, but well broken down bit by bit in a way that is easily understand and applicable.

If you know Damie, you'd know that he's not about fluff; he's that superduper dude who likes to go all in and give you EXTREME VALUE, and this book is a direct testament to the value the man brings to the TABLE.

Here what people are saying about the book:

"Hallo Damie shoot. I have gone through my copy of the book. The book is an eye opener and I love l your style of writing. Makes it so easy to read and relate not boring. Keep it up and thanks again." - Fayokemi

"I started  training  on Tuesday with just (1,497) one thousand  four hundred ninety something  followers... by the time Damie started  training  us and we went  in break, I immediately started  Praticalizing  all the  things  he explained... instantly I started  gaining  followers... it all looked like magic... just within 48hrs of this training I've gained 100 followers... and still counting...

...Damie, I've really gained value for my money and I cant wait to buy your books and online courses  .... infact you go personally  teach  me blogging & vlogging... I only applied your techniques on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and boom... Results! On Friday, I was  a bit busy with house chores, so I didn't really I've time to watch the how to carousels on Instagram video" - Babalola Bisola

"I've started designing and publishing my carousels and getting good reactions...all I can say is thank you. I'm so loving it." Akinpelu Akinyinka

What you will learn:

- How to grow a fanbase of people who love what you do on Instagram

- How to harvest good and active hashtags 

- How to spot and clean up inactive people on Instagram

- How to never run out of posting ideas on Instagram

- How to on relationships as a means to growing your Instagram account

- How and why you should create your own Instagram Carousels

You see, guys, this book is one of a kind.

It is not bucky, it is very easy to read and understand.

It is not boring, no, it is highly ACTIONABLE.

Will you like to take action today?

Pay into GTBANK, Adeyinka Damilola Samuel. 0136374591.

Send a message to 08161646027 or to Damie at [email protected] and you'd get a copy of your book immediately sent and delivered to you.

Click the picture below to order now👇👇

What if you are outside Nigeria?

Well, you can pay in dollars via Paystack using this link:

If you've got more enquires about the book, do not hesitate to shoot Damie a mail or call him on his hotline: 08161646027.

Thank you.


To your growth and influential status on Instagram.

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